Show offers a lot of things for our listeners. We have a wide variety of shows that are not just entertaining but informative at the same time. There are a lot of stuff that you can pick up from by just listening to us. The good thing about us is that you can still carry on with whatever you’re doing while you listen to the things we share. Check out the shows that we have available for you.

1. Secret Files of Real Estate Agents


We feature your favorite real estate agents and get facts from them. We get them on the show and get the secrets they never share with anyone. is the only station that can provide you this kind of entertainment.

2.’s Top List


The show offers the top homes picked by that can surely attract potential homebuyers out there. We choose great properties so our readers can find the best home for their families.

3. Rent it Out

show3 doesn’t just provide options for home buyers. We see to it that we can also offer great choices for our listeners who are trying to find some place to rent. The show features great catch homes that are for rent.

There are a lot shows that we offer to our listeners. You just have to stay tune with so you can find your best deal.