International Real Estate Investors: The Untapped Market No One Is Talking About

As real-estate matures more world-wide along with the improved transparency and impact of the ever-maturing net, real estate agents have tremendous possibilities to obtain lucrative international, long distance business to which they didn’t in the past have access to.

This income opportunity is substantial.

Shocking to many is that ten percent of the overall sales of real estate in the nation is associated with foreign clients. Moreover total sales figures in 2017 are showing a trend worthy of your consideration because they are growing by nearly fifty percent yearly totaling more than $150 billion. These figures are sourced from the National Association of Realtors and should be deemed a good signal of what the future holds for real estate sales to foreign investors.

Because realtors associated with foreign buyer deals have been found to profit better profits just increases the lure of this sector of the industry. Another factor here is the actuality that a number of international investors are high net worth individuals hoping to expand their wealth as a result of making wise investments outside their nation of origin.

Then again don’t for a minute think that breaking in to this market is easy. It is really not!

Getting in front of promising international buyer prospects is difficult that can also include extra issues like language barriers that stateside transactions just dont face.

For instance, China — a country with a significantly different culture, language and real estate etiquette than the USA — reigned over the U.S. international market with $75.6 billion in activity in 2017, around half of all U.S. real estate sold to foreign buyers that year.

With such a highly profitable market in existence, precisely how do you get yourself in on it?

CPROP’s end-to-end digital exchange administration suite was made to promote real estate brokers to international prospects and assist them to securely and transparently close deals.

“Fundamentally it utilizes technology to streamline the sales process of companies, from the beginning of a deal to conclusion. Here are a number of distinctive techniques any real estate brokers can capitalize on.” states international real estate lawyer Gonzalo Guttierrez.

Be part of a honest international program

Hedging in on the international real estate industry isn’t straight forward for real estate agents who have not ventured here before. You should not go getting all dollars signs in your eyes versus completely researching where on the internet these communities may possibly exist. Once you have found them you’ll have to hedge inwards and earn trust within the international real estate buyer community.

If, for example the platform features a professional directory with unfiltered market ratings and ratings on top of automated translations, even better.

Think confidence and safety

Remember the film Lost in Translation? Well like with international real estate purchases this is definitely the case where the two parties involved speak different languages.

Planning is key to productive international real estate offers and included in preparation you must start thinking about trust and security.

One of the greatest ways to secure transactions is with blockchain technology. Once a contract is completed and carried through, it might be certified to the blockchain, making an immutable delivered ledger confirmed by a system of possibly thousands of computers, as a result effectively controlling any undetected changes to a contract.

Additionally another good upside to employing crypto cash in transactions is the security for the investor in knowing their money is safe.

Look for trustworthy, streamlined cooperation

There is certainly no denying the difficulty in closing even a regional deal nevertheless when you begin dealing with international buyers and sellers there’s a laundry list of added obstructions you will definitely have to cross especially language barriers.

Give me a chance to ask you something: at any particular time are you aware, in real-time, the standing of any of your prospects in your pipeline?

Think of this though, as a broker doing business in international transactions, wouldn’t it be helpful to have a SaaS tool that handled all the digital aspects from beginning to end for any kind of international real estate deal? The upside to this new future technology is how this might improve the workflow, establish security and streamline communications for real estate professionals of international real estate.