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3 Facts That Any Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You

If you need a real estate agent, they will always tell you the best things. It is expected, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is a skill they have that will help you sell your house. The important thing is that they can do what they are supposed to do and that is to get you the sale. Of course, we want to know what is going on up on a real estate agent’s sleeves. Let me tell you some facts that no real estate agent will tell you.


1. I advertise your properties to market myself

Of course, real estate agents will do their job. They promised you that they would sell your property on different platforms so they can easily get a buyer. The fact about it is, the more they advertise your property, the more exposure they can get.

2. My commission can be lowered down

Real estate agents will provide you a definite plan when it comes to selling your house. There will be a fixed percentage of the commission, but the fact about that is it can change. You can haggle your way around with the commission of the agent. You should assess your property, and if you think it is easy to sell, you should negotiate the commission percentage. Remember that you have the edge because if you won’t get them, there is no commission.

3. I’m not familiar with the area that you’re interested in.

Real estate agents will always tell you that they have a good connection in any area you mention. Having information around the area doesn’t mean that they are knowledgeable about how it works in the neighborhood. It is always best if you can check the reference of the agents to make sure you can get a good one.

Real estate agents may not say all these things, but one thing is sure, they will always do whatever they can to get the sale for you. Their money will be based on the sale so you can be assured that they want to get the sale as you do.