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The OK Market Might Be HOT But Calgary Is Even HOTTER!

In the past few years Calgary’s real estate market has gone up and down more than the Yukon Striker (Canada Wonderland’s new feature rollercoaster). So what is happening out in our neighboring province of Alberta when it comes to real estate? We’re gonna dive in and take a peek.

Calgary has grown by heaps over the past 10 years and now boasts some 1.336 million residents according to a 2017 study. That’s actually a lot faster growth than Edmonton and Vancouver both. But what’s happening in 2018-2019 you might be wondering? Let’s see…

Source: United Nations

Did you know Calgary is actually the third largest city in Canada? Well it is. It trails Vancouver while Toronto clearly tops the population numbers in Canadian cities.

In 2018 Calgary witnessed a 2% rise in population to 1,560,600 while in 2019 the forecasted number is looking like around 1,599,500 which is a growing 2.5% over the previous year.

The median age of Calgarians is a young 36.9 years old. What does all this mean for real estate?

The young populous of Calgary are clearly preferring the most affordable route, especially with their average educational debt burden, which is the Calgary condos market.

According to Statistics Canada, between 2011 and 2016, the growth rate of Canadian households living in condominiums was up 16.6% in census metropolitan areas. Even more so in Calgary as younger people find it easy to afford condos over buying a home in an increasingly more difficult banking/mortgage environment.

What are the older generations looking at? Well the median selling price for a detached house so far this year has been $456,375, according to daily sales statistics compiled by the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB). And with that being said, there are those that certainly fit the bill for being an average home buyer in Calgary but there’s also a rising interest in the higher priced luxury Calgary real estate market. This is where the median price for a home starts around $1.2 million and go up quickly from there.

A few of the popular neighborhoods for families in Calgary are:

Auburn Bay – is a lakeside community with some 5000 residents already enjoying life here.

Cranston – this is an incredibly popular master planned community with enormous demand for homes for sale in Cranston due to all the amenities for families here.

And now a couple popular higher priced neighborhoods for the luxury market:

Altadore – this is by far the most popular neighborhoods in Calgary for those looking for high-end homes within the luxury market.

Aspen Woods – West of Calgary you will find another popular high-end home area where it is common to view lavish homes in excess of $2.5 million.

As you have probably gathered already, whether looking for condos, homes or the luxury options, Calgary real estate is on the rise in both price and demand. For more information on Calgary real estate listings visit

International Real Estate Investors: The Untapped Market No One Is Talking About

As real-estate matures more world-wide along with the improved transparency and impact of the ever-maturing net, real estate agents have tremendous possibilities to obtain lucrative international, long distance business to which they didn’t in the past have access to.

This income opportunity is substantial.

Shocking to many is that ten percent of the overall sales of real estate in the nation is associated with foreign clients. Moreover total sales figures in 2017 are showing a trend worthy of your consideration because they are growing by nearly fifty percent yearly totaling more than $150 billion. These figures are sourced from the National Association of Realtors and should be deemed a good signal of what the future holds for real estate sales to foreign investors.

Because realtors associated with foreign buyer deals have been found to profit better profits just increases the lure of this sector of the industry. Another factor here is the actuality that a number of international investors are high net worth individuals hoping to expand their wealth as a result of making wise investments outside their nation of origin.

Then again don’t for a minute think that breaking in to this market is easy. It is really not!

Getting in front of promising international buyer prospects is difficult that can also include extra issues like language barriers that stateside transactions just dont face.

For instance, China — a country with a significantly different culture, language and real estate etiquette than the USA — reigned over the U.S. international market with $75.6 billion in activity in 2017, around half of all U.S. real estate sold to foreign buyers that year.

With such a highly profitable market in existence, precisely how do you get yourself in on it?

CPROP’s end-to-end digital exchange administration suite was made to promote real estate brokers to international prospects and assist them to securely and transparently close deals.

“Fundamentally it utilizes technology to streamline the sales process of companies, from the beginning of a deal to conclusion. Here are a number of distinctive techniques any real estate brokers can capitalize on.” states international real estate lawyer Gonzalo Guttierrez.

Be part of a honest international program

Hedging in on the international real estate industry isn’t straight forward for real estate agents who have not ventured here before. You should not go getting all dollars signs in your eyes versus completely researching where on the internet these communities may possibly exist. Once you have found them you’ll have to hedge inwards and earn trust within the international real estate buyer community.

If, for example the platform features a professional directory with unfiltered market ratings and ratings on top of automated translations, even better.

Think confidence and safety

Remember the film Lost in Translation? Well like with international real estate purchases this is definitely the case where the two parties involved speak different languages.

Planning is key to productive international real estate offers and included in preparation you must start thinking about trust and security.

One of the greatest ways to secure transactions is with blockchain technology. Once a contract is completed and carried through, it might be certified to the blockchain, making an immutable delivered ledger confirmed by a system of possibly thousands of computers, as a result effectively controlling any undetected changes to a contract.

Additionally another good upside to employing crypto cash in transactions is the security for the investor in knowing their money is safe.

Look for trustworthy, streamlined cooperation

There is certainly no denying the difficulty in closing even a regional deal nevertheless when you begin dealing with international buyers and sellers there’s a laundry list of added obstructions you will definitely have to cross especially language barriers.

Give me a chance to ask you something: at any particular time are you aware, in real-time, the standing of any of your prospects in your pipeline?

Think of this though, as a broker doing business in international transactions, wouldn’t it be helpful to have a SaaS tool that handled all the digital aspects from beginning to end for any kind of international real estate deal? The upside to this new future technology is how this might improve the workflow, establish security and streamline communications for real estate professionals of international real estate.

Guidelines for Investment in Real Estate

Making money in the Canadian real estate market is not an easy task. Yet, many have tried and succeeded. All you need to is to devise a strategy you would follow.

Here are a few things you need to focus on if you have decided on entering the real estate arena:

Acquiring a mortgage for more than one property is a tedious task. Few questions are asked when you consider mortgage financing for your primary property. While if you do the same for a secondary property, things are different.

While getting a mortgage for your secondary residential property, you must pay 20% of the amount as the down payment. Moreover, only a specific portion of your earnings from the rent of that property can pay down a mortgage. Down payments of as much as 50% have to be made while getting a mortgage for secondary commercial properties.

In all parts of Canada, any amount collected in form of rent from a property is income and becomes eligible to be taxed accordingly.

Capital gains taxes are also implied on your property as its overall value increases from the time of purchase till the time you decide to sell it.
Before you invest in real estate, learn as much as you can about the tax implications.

Expecting profits in short periods of time involves a lot of risk for the property business. Therefore, it is considered safer if your investment has a long-term goal to it.

The real estate market can be unpredictable, and you should give your investment some time to grow.

Cash Flow — One major goal while investing in real estate should be regulation of cash. Cash flow is the sum that goes into your pocket after collecting the rent and paying out all expenses.

The percentage of down payment and the nature of your mortgage also affect the cash flow.

Appreciation — Appreciation is the overall profit you make on the sale of your property. Selling an investment for more than what you paid for it is called appreciation.

Buying an apartment for $600,000 and selling it for $900,000 would involve $300,000 as the appreciation amount.

Equity — Equity is developed when your mortgage is paid by a third party i.e. the tenant who you’ve rented out the property to.
The mortgage can be paid by the tenant for as long as it is required and in the end, you’ll be left with a mortgage-free investment.

3 Facts That Any Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You

If you need a real estate agent, they will always tell you the best things. It is expected, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is a skill they have that will help you sell your house. The important thing is that they can do what they are supposed to do and that is to get you the sale. Of course, we want to know what is going on up on a real estate agent’s sleeves. Let me tell you some facts that no real estate agent will tell you.


1. I advertise your properties to market myself

Of course, real estate agents will do their job. They promised you that they would sell your property on different platforms so they can easily get a buyer. The fact about it is, the more they advertise your property, the more exposure they can get.

2. My commission can be lowered down

Real estate agents will provide you a definite plan when it comes to selling your house. There will be a fixed percentage of the commission, but the fact about that is it can change. You can haggle your way around with the commission of the agent. You should assess your property, and if you think it is easy to sell, you should negotiate the commission percentage. Remember that you have the edge because if you won’t get them, there is no commission.

3. I’m not familiar with the area that you’re interested in.

Real estate agents will always tell you that they have a good connection in any area you mention. Having information around the area doesn’t mean that they are knowledgeable about how it works in the neighborhood. It is always best if you can check the reference of the agents to make sure you can get a good one.

Real estate agents may not say all these things, but one thing is sure, they will always do whatever they can to get the sale for you. Their money will be based on the sale so you can be assured that they want to get the sale as you do.

4 Important Tips You Need To Know If You Are Going To Rent A Home In Kelowna

Renting a home is the best option if you don’t want to be tied up on the place for a long time. It is the option that people choose if their job requires a lot of relocation or if you are someone who has other priorities in mind. If you’re thinking about leasing a place then here are some important tips that you need to know.


1. Research the place

You should take time in checking out the place where you’re planning to rent a home. It is important that you can get the best out of it. You have to consider the location of the place if it’s near your job, transportation services, things you need are just around the corner, and the price that you have to pay.

2. Don’t Speed up your viewing

If you are looking for a home that you can rent, surely you will visit each property. Don’t do your viewing in a rush. You have to be certain that you have inspected the area thoroughly. If you spend time when you’re doing an ocular, then you can feel the vibe of the place. Your guts will give you an idea if you fit in the place or not.


3. Negotiate the price

You will be the one to spend for the rental, so you have the edge over the landlord. Give an asking price lower than what he is expecting. Remember that you are not the one who is trying to fill the properties. If the landlord has no tenants, then he is out of profit.

4. Be straightforward

If you have noticed a problem on the property, immediately inform the owner. You don’t want the things that are broken before your arrival be charged to you. It is important that you inspect the place with the landlord to make sure he or she can also see the problem first-hand.


Just follow the tips, and I’m sure you won’t have a problem in finding the right home to rent.

Radio/Article segment by Kelowna Real Estate Agent, Annette Denk

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Your Money in Real Estate

People are often skeptical when it comes to investing their money into properties. Most of us think that it is not a good deal. Let me show you why I think otherwise. There are a lot of reasons why we should consider investing our money in real estate. Check out the ideas below, and I doubt if you won’t think about investing after you’re done.


1. Easy financing

Compared to setting up a business, lending companies are easier to give in when it comes to properties. They can see the value of properties in an instant. If you apply for a loan, these companies will have the property loan request granted faster than business loans.

2. You are in control

You are the boss of your properties. You don’t need to hire any people to work for you like with trades that you need a broker. You can raise the bar for the rent or lower it down as you please.

3. The power to upgrade

It doesn’t matter if you just acquired a big property. You can easily upgrade it to a building that has several divisions. You can create more space and generate more income.


4. Continuous cash flow

The beauty of having a property is that you are assured to have a regular cash flow without doing anything. You purchase the property and tenants will pay you money for years.

5. You can pass it on

You are not the only one who will get the benefits from the properties. You are assured to get rental payments even if you are old. Afterward, you can also provide the same comfort to your children.


Investment is something that we have to think carefully. Look on the bright side of the situation. All of us need shelter, but not everyone can afford to buy a house easily. People tend to pay rents until they can get a house of their own. Take advantage of that, and you can get wealthier every day.