Welcome to SILK.fm!

SILK.fm is the number one radio station based in Okanagan, British Columbia that provides you everything. That’s right. You read it right. Everything you need to hear is available on our frequency. Are you tired in just reading a lot of stuff but can’t get the grasp of it? We let you hear the things you need to know. We don’t just let you read a bunch of stuff, but we let you hear it for yourself.

SILK.fm made its name fifteen years ago, and we are going strong as we age. Over the years, we have provided our listeners exemplary information that feeds their minds. We talk to people, and we let you hear what they have to say. We feature guests that give you facts about the things you need to know about your homes. We talk about Real Estate, Property Investments, things about buying and renting a home, and a lot more things that can help you out as long as it concerns your needs when it comes to properties.

SILK.fm is here to make sure you can hear the facts from us. We are the top choice to get the information you need straight from the people that matter.